LexisNexis Middle East organises a panel of judges to review award entries and determine the award winners.

Judging Process

All entries must be received by the deadline to be eligible for judging.

The day following the entry deadline, each award category will be allocated to a committee of three judges for the determination of which entries in that category will make the shortlist for that category, with the following considerations in mind:

  • The number of entries on a shortlist will depend in part on the number of entries in that category.
  • Entries that do not conform to the instructions on the entry form will be eliminated. For example, suppose an entry form asks how the candidate’s legal expertise, teamwork, and management skills allowed the firm to excel in a practice area over the past 12 months. In that case, entries that do not discuss a candidate’s work or achievements over the past 12 months will be eliminated.

Once the shortlists have been announced, the shortlisted candidates in each category will be given to a committee of three judges to determine the winner based on the criteria set out in the entry form.

In both the shortlist and the voting phase, the judges will utilise their experience and understanding of how firms/companies and legal professionals have performed considering the state of the economy and legal sector.